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High Quality for Your Whole Self.

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Does your beauty cabinet make you feel deeply nourished from head-to-toe? Inspired by California spa retreats and European wellness weekends, GLOBAL NOURISH brings self-care and skincare together in relaxing rituals with real results. 

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With GLOBAL NOURISH – WHOLE BODY BEAUTY, a relaxing beauty escape always awaits you. Luxuriate in fresh elegance, breathe in beautiful aromas, melt away stress and indulge in body treatments of the highest order, all while honoring your skin concerns with targeted, effective whole body care. 

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Nourish your body, calm your soul and rebalance your mind in a spa retreat all your own. GLOBAL NOURISH™ matches impeccable ingredients with indulgent formulas—bringing you luxury and precision in equal measure.

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My family has over 100 years of experience, going back three generations, who crafted skincare, medical grade creams, and who hold pharmaceutical grade patents abroad. The alchemy of skincare is in my soul and in my bones; generational knowledge has been passed down to me to support my passion. After 20+ years of working in the skincare & beauty industry for some of the world’s most recognized brands, I wanted to create a collection that helps people take moments out of their hectic schedules to enjoy beauty rituals in the comfort of their own homes. 

My meticulously crafted collection is inspired by the relaxed luxury of the Southern California lifestyle. With clean, safe and effective ingredients, GLOBAL NOURISH™ SKINCARE helps you relax, reset and restore the mind, body and spirit. Carrying forward the healing traditions of the spa, our line makes your self-care journey more potent, pleasing and uplifting.

You have my promise that I will always formulate my products with cold-pressed, certified organic, fair trade ingredients that are packaged with sustainability in mind to support the Blue Beauty movement & Blue Space organizations. I hope that you enjoy using my products as much as I have enjoyed bringing my vision for GLOBAL NOURISH™ SKINCARE – Whole Body Beauty to life, always with YOU in mind.