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With overbooked daily tasks and never enough time in the day, it can sometimes feel that life is flying by, especially as we nervously return to packed weekend schedules and office life.

This transition from sheltering in place to back to “normal” means it’s more important than ever to take time to bask and relish in everyday pleasures. Whether it’s taking a few extra minutes to truly savour each bite of your breakfast, or upgrading your routine with products that feel luxurious to your senses, there are little steps we can all take to enliven and inspire each day.

Enjoy life’s little treasured moments, for these moments sum up your life. ~ Nina Volk


How can you create luxury at home?

The word luxury can mean so many different things to different people. True luxury has nothing to do with designer dresses, fancy cars, five star escapes, or opulent décor. True luxury provides comfort to the soul. It sparks a sense of sensuality and wonder; it is felt in the heart and heard in the deep sigh of the soul. Gently uplifting the mood brings about a deep sense of stillness and contentment. It is not to be used as an object to define oneself or boost one’s sense of value, it does not create debt or stress, and instead it is used as a remedy for the soul.

Simple at-home luxuries are about turning the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. You don’t need to spend lots of money to feel uplifted and pampered. Simply switch your senses on high alert and go through your routine with a deep sense of mindfulness so that you then savour the very act of ‘doing’ with all five of your senses.

On the journey of discovering simple luxuries, one can go from being soulfully numb to spiritually alive; this awareness has the power to melt the consciousness into a new existence. It will inspire and uplift, giving you the ability to find beauty in your current life, exactly how it stands today.

Embracing simple luxuries is a celebration of your senses while allowing yourself to fall passionately in love with life despite all its complexities, compromises, and contradictions. It is about finding beauty and sensual delight in life, recipes, nature, chores, rituals, decorating, people and fashion. It is about seducing the most important person in your life—YOU.

This simple, luxurious life is something we can all achieve. Choose to seek quality over quantity, personal style instead of trendy fashion, truth instead of expectation, knowledge over resentment, happiness instead of suffering, and boutique comforts rather than commercially mass produced goods.


Getting started: Finding luxuries in every day life

True luxury can be anything from clean laundered bed sheets or picking fresh daisies, to savouring the taste of a sweet and juicy mango. Here are a few of the ways our team finds luxury in the every day:

  • Spend time in the garden. Dig in the dirt and connect to nature.
  • Create a luxurious, comfortable bed, one you look forward to falling into after a long day.
  • Use the GLOBAL NOURISH Green Tea Antioxidant Body Polish for your evening beauty ritual, prior to a hot shower.
  • Listen to a playlist that reminds you of childhood or your favorite summer, with a glass of white wine or green tea in hand while you make dinner.
  • Try a new recipe using only fresh ingredients from the Farmers Market.
  • Take a hot bath with our GLOBAL NOURISH Indulge in Luxury - Bath Oil Candle
  • Sip on a hot cup of lavender tea before bed and write down or mentally take note of five things you’re grateful for each day.

    The essence of luxury instills a sense of ease and tranquility which allows you to live well. True luxury is about great comfort, high quality, substance, and sensual living.


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